Hay, my name is Andrew Chemister. Nu-Metal.org is al list of bands and artists that I think are realy great and worth to mention. The list is made ​​richer with the help of the Last.fm API and YouTube.

Nu-Metal.org is not all Nu Metal
Altho the name Nu-Metal.org will make you think otherwise, this site is not only about Nu Metal bands. However, if I take al look at the Last.fm definition of Nu Metal. I think most of the listed bands and artist will fit within that definition.

Nu Metal (according to Last.fm)
Nu metal, also spelled nu-metal or nü metal, was primarily a collection of bands that mixed various other genres with heavy rock music, including but not limited to hip-hop, industrial and funk. The earlier bands, such as Korn were inspired by artists such as Faith No More, Primus, and Helmet, and genres such as funk metal, rapcore and industrial rock. In its usual form, it takes rhythmic elements from hip-hop/industrial metal and distorted guitars from metal/post-hardcore, combined with clean or screamed/shouted vocals, (rap is also sometimes used but not as often). Nu metal also sometimes employs turntables.