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    2. My Own Way
    3. What We Feel & Last Hope - Split CD
    4. Balkan Hardcore Split
    5. Hellbound Split CD

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There is more than one artist with this name:

1) Last Hope is a Bulgarian hardcore band set up in 1994. With their very first demo-album, Last Hope succeeded in getting the attention of the Bulgarian audience. A year later the band gathered with their “brothers in arms” Face Up and together camе with a split-album, winning much more respect.
After their start in 1998, Last Hope got in a studio to record their official debut album “One for One”. Concerts followed in the whole country and in the end of 2000 their first video was ready. 2001 is unusually good year for Last Hope, because of their participation in festivals in countries like Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Greece. The European invasion is followed by records of new songs for the compilation “3-Way Split” (featuring Vendetta and Skinflick), and a little bit later the four band members created their second album “My Own Way”. Alongside many bands from the Bulgarian hardcore and punk scene like Vendetta, Crowfish, Skinflick, Not Broken in Spirit, the biggest impression made the massive foreign presence with Janne from the Finnish hardcore pride Endstand, Aca Choice from the Serbian old school champions Hitman and mostly Jimmy G from the NY legends Murphy’s Law.
After the release in the spring of 2003, came one of the most beneficial periods in Last Hope’s career, at least regarding their live performances. Now, after 13 years of playing Last Hope are leaders on native stage. And not just on it – they’ve played all across Europe and got on one stage with artists like Napalm Death, Madball, Stampin’ Ground, D.R.I., Integrity, Murphy’s Law, Agnostic Front, Sick of It All, Merauder, Caliban, Sworn Enemy and many more.
Last Hope‘s latest album to date – “Test Of Time” – was released in 2007.

2) Last Hope is a portuguese Hardcore Punk band. The oldest still active in the country and the most typical Margem Sul Hardcore (MSHC) band. Last Hope are active since 1992 and still going on having shared the stage with bands such as Skarhead, Hatebreed, 25 Ta Life or Shattered Realm. They have released a demo in 1994, called Merry Christmas Motherfuckers,an MCD in 1998, called Heart Core and 3 full lenghts: Spirit of Unity, in 2000, Our Second Generation, in 2003 and Continuar a Acreditar in 2007. Musically the band is influenced by old, classic NYHC acts such as Cause For Alarm, Warzone, Agnostic Front or Madball, along with some portuguese punk rock influences of bands like Censurados.


3) Last Hope is an American hardcore band. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.